07/09/2017 / By JD Heyes

Those on the far Left are absolutely losing their minds more and more each day President Donald J. Trump remains

05/23/2017 / By Mike Adams

I’m not going to get into the details of the ISIS terrorist attack at the Grande concert in the UK

03/23/2017 / By News Editors

As liberals continue to fight President Trump tooth and nail on his migrant ban, a woman who’s been sitting on

12/16/2016 / By Mary Wilder

Gary Nathaniel Moore, a Muslim who attended the Savoy Masjid Mosque in Houston, Texas, recently pleaded guilty to setting the mosque

11/30/2016 / By Mary Wilder

What can you say about the recent terrorist attack on Ohio State University’s campus that hasn’t already been said about

11/15/2016 / By treasonnews

“The victims were dressed in orange clothes marked in red with the words: ‘traitors and agents of the ISF’ Their

10/31/2016 / By Mary Wilder

There’s no denying that radical Islamic terrorism is on the rise. The extremist attacks on innocent people all over the

09/29/2016 / By treasonnews

Washington (CNN)President Barack Obama has taken a lot of criticism from political opponents over his rhetoric when it comes to

09/20/2016 / By Mary Wilder

When it comes to radical Islamic extremism, no amount of light being shone on the truth seems to do any

09/14/2016 / By Demo Super Admin

Fifteen years have passed since that fateful day in 2001 when the United States found itself under attack on its

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