Does a WikiLeaks email link Hillary to the the assassination of Justice Scalia?


By this point, it’s hard to deny the obvious connection between the Clinton family and the mysterious deaths of many of those who have opposed them over the years. While it first seemed like nothing more than an internet meme, it has become so prevalent that it’s worth looking into — though it’s obvious that the mainstream media will avoid doing any such thing.

But does the new WikiLeaks email leak link Hillary Clinton to the death of Justice Antonin Scalia? It appears as though it very well might, due to some suspicious language…

In a series of emails between John Podesta, Hillary’s campaign chairman, and DC lobbyist Steve Elmendorf, codewords relating to assassination and vineyards are used, leading many to believe that they are discussing a murder that occurred at Cibolo Creek Ranch, where Scalia was found dead. As we all know now, no autopsy was performed in order to determine Scalia’s cause of death, making it all the more suspicious that Podesta and Elmendorf were having a conversation of this nature mere days before the Supreme Court Justice was found dead.

Whether or not the two men were in on it is still up for debate. The Daily Sheeple reports, “Others claim the whole thing is really about how they knew Bernie would beat Hillary in the New Hampshire primary on February 9th, meaning the ‘bad nite’ is Hillary’s and not Scalia’s, ‘wet works’ references political assassinations instead of real ones, and that the vineyard reference is just a random, coincidental reference to Martha’s Vineyard thrown in…”

Regardless of intention, it’s hard to deny just how shady it all appears. If it is a coincidence, it is a pretty damning coincidence. If it is true — and it definitely seems to be — then it is yet another piece of evidence that shows just how dangerous the Clinton family has become. They are an evil group of people that will stop at nothing in order to get what they want: more power and more money.

If we want a safe and free America, we have to do everything within our power to ensure that Hillary Clinton is not elected this fall. She and her goons are a legitimate danger to all of us and that is not going to change any time soon. If we want corruption in politics to come to an end then it is important to start right at the top — and we can do just that by making our voices heard.