On a Fast-Track to Treason


It didn’t take long for NY Liberals to decide on violating the Constitution

In a move that should not surprise most people who would read this article, prominent NY state “officials” have quickly moved to adopt the suggestions by Obama, during his latest Oval Office speech, that people on terror watch-lists should be banned from owning firearms. These treasonous criminals know that their actions violate the Bill of Rights, but they choose to proceed anyways.
A recent Wall Street Journal headline reads as follows:

New York Officials Seek Gun-Sales Ban for People on Terror Lists

    The violation of individual rights by this proposal are easily determined by just reading the first sentence of the aforementioned article:

Two key New York officials want to ban the sale of firearms to individuals on U.S. terrorist watch lists, a measure they say would deny weapons to suspected terrorists. (Bolded by me)

    When was it decided that people suspected of a crime should be treated like people who were actually accused of a crime? What about Due Process? How long before myself, you, or someone you know is placed on watch-list and denied their individual rights. This is treason to the Constitution and a blatant slap in the face of Due Process. The good people of NY state need to, once and for all, throws these bums out!