The Answer to Tyranny is Liberty


An article was recently published by the Lodi News-Sentinel which spotlighted the opinions garnered from students at various levels of agreement, or disagreement, for the upcoming activation of a new law which will allow guns on the grounds of Kansas colleges and universities. The change is a result of a 2012 law passed by the KS Legislature. Here is an excerpt from the above referenced article:

In 2012, the Kansas Legislature passed the Personal and Family Protection Act, requiring that concealed-carry permit holders be allowed to carry their weapons in almost all public buildings. This year, the Legislature followed up with a bill revoking the permit requirement and allowing anyone who can lawfully own a gun to carry it loaded and hidden without a permit or training.

Feelings Not Facts

Of course, there appears to be a large group of students who oppose the arming of law-abiding citizens; many of whom also think that there will be an increase in gun crimes and shootings on the various campuses if, again, law- abiding citizens begin to carry firearms while attending classes. Let’s not explore the fact that there are tens of millions of people who carry a concealed firearm on a daily basis without incident. Furthermore, let’s review all of the cases in which a law-abiding firearm owner used their firearm in a criminal manner. The file, I’m afraid, would be very, very thin.

The Police Cannot Protect You

I was interviewing Oath Keeper founder, Stewart Rhodes recently and he made a comment that I had heard before, but it just seemed to stick with me this particular time. Rhodes stated, “when seconds count, the police are minutes away.” A short quote, but it says a mouthful. There are many, many fine men and women who serve with honor and distinction at various levels of law enforcement. That being said, they cannot escort every citizen around providing protection for them against the dangers of this world; for that responsibility ultimately rests with each and every one of us.
I applaud the Kansas Legislature for their stance on freedom and liberty, for those are two of the greatest defenses against tyranny. As far as a response to the naysayers, I suggest that you get educated on the facts; make decisions based on said facts and not your feelings; and, above all, get some good training and get armed.