Republicans go full Pelosi in shameless push to pass ultra-secret TPP trade deal so we can all find out what’s in it


Of all the times Republicans have made fun of Nancy Pelosi for saying we have to pass Obamacare so we can find out what’s in it, they’re now invoking the exact same twisted logic with the push for the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP). They want to enact the agreement without the public — or even most lawmakers — having a chance to read it first.

The TPP is a secretive trade deal that the Obama administration refuses to make public. Click here for Wikileaks documents on the TPP, and click here to read how the TPP threatens natural supplements and cosmetic products.

Public Citizen warns that the TPP would expand pharmaceutical monopolies and encourage even more patent abuse by Big Pharma.

The TPP is believed to contain provisions that could:

• Strongly promote the monopolistic intellectual property practices of drug companies and biotech firms, both of which occupy the top positions of the “most evil corporations” on the planet.

• Destroy the Second Amendment and restrict the sales of firearms and ammunition to the public, as warned by Gun Owners of America Executive Director Larry Pratt.

• Outlaw GMO labeling nationwide.

• Destroy the natural supplements marketplace by criminalizing vitamins, herbs and superfood supplements.

• Criminalize the saving of seeds without corporate approval, effectively turning seed sharing operations into “criminal enterprises” subject to armed raids by the federal “seed police.” For the record, the FBI already works for Monsanto as detailed in this shocking article.

Republicans now operating under the same insidious secrecy we witnessed with Obamacare

Republicans, who incessantly seek to hand more monopolistic power to evil corporations (as opposed to Democrats, who incessantly seek to hand more power to evil governments), have pushed hard for passage of the TPP, fraudulently calling it a “free trade agreement” even though it may actually restrict many free trade activities domestically.

The TPP promotes free trade in exactly the same way the U.S. Patriot Act promotes patriots. It doesn’t, in other words. The name is a marketing gimmick to conceal the true nature of the agreement, which remains shrouded in astonishing secrecy.

Far from promoting free trade, the TPP seems to be a globalist-oriented corporate-pushed framework that would strip power from the U.S. Congress and destroy national sovereignty on trade issues. It would allow foreign governments to dictate what products U.S. companies can sell to the American people, and under what terms. And under the provisions being pushed by Republicans, Congress would be powerless to stop it. (Today’s spineless Republicans just can’t wait to give up more power and make Congress totally irrelevant, it seems…)

Democrats spearhead opposition and block a key vote

Stunningly, the Democrats have mustered enough key allies to halt a vote on one of the procedural prerequisites for the TPP. “Senate Democrats filibustered Tuesday to block the first major free-trade vote in years, dealing a blow to President Obama and GOP leaders,” reports the Washington Times.

The effort was led by Oregon Senator Ron Wyden, who I’ve often thought of as the most courageous Democrat in the Senate. Like all Senators, he’s still willing to violate the Constitution when convenient, but he’s also one of the few U.S. Senators willing to take a stand for what he believes in.

“Unlike the last few years’ worth of conservative objections, this time it was liberals who balked and pulled moderate Democrats with them, putting the brakes on the bipartisan push and imperiling the rest of the spring congressional agenda,” the Times says, reporting from the view that halting the TPP is a bad thing.

The National Journal reports, “Tuesday’s vote represents a major blow to Obama, who lobbied hard for the bill, from foes within his own party, as most Democrats sided with Sen. Elizabeth Warren and others who led the coalition of labor and progressive activists that oppose the deal.”

To the great astonishment of everyone, this TPP fraudulent trade agreement has Obama allied with Republicans, and Democrats resisting tyranny!

When was the last time you ever heard of that happening?